1970′ Antique Venice Mirror Decorated with Characters Symbolizing Justice Signed: HIMBERGER 1974

Venice mirror, antique decor with portraits of characters, and allegory of justice in cartridges, pine frames, Circa 1970, Good condition

Width: 90 cm
Height: 130 cm
Depth: 8cm
Character: The Allegory of Justice represents the Greek Goddess Themis, daughter of Ouranos (God of the Sky) and Gaia (goddess of the Earth). It symbolizes immanent Justice and the established order. From the Greek “divine law”, Themis remains to the right of her husband Zeus. Advisor to him, she wants good relations between the gods and has the gift of predicting the future.

Fascia: The fasces represents the authority of the magistrate and the respect due to those who administer Justice.

Libra: Libra represents the notions of balance, harmony and order.

Blindfold: The blindfold is a thin layer of linen covering Themis's eyes. It represents impartiality in ensuring that justice reigns, which must be rendered objectively and independently of the power or weakness of the accused.

Width : 90
Height : 130
Depth : 8

Category : Mirrors
Style : Design
Period : 20th century

Price : 6500

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