Antique Norman wedding wardrobe painted with flowers.:

Antique Norman wedding wardrobe painted with flowers.: Oak cabinet, Haute Normandie origin;Caux country;(region of Yvetot ,Valmont )antique furniture XIX made as in the 18th ,back roughed with herminette;Corniche gendarme hat characteristic of the country of Caux;This corniche is carved of ove at the top, Louis XVI ribbon in the lower part and built in the corners;The high cross is decorated in the center of a bouquet of flowers, surrounded on each side by a garland of flowers .
the sizes have grooves in hollow Louis XVI , The doors are also finely carved with flowers, leaves of acanthus,the crosspieces of the middle present in the center of the musical instruments:a zither,a flute,partitions and ears of wheat,All surrounded by a pearl Louis XVI, accompanied by two garlands of flowers..
Note that the frame is decorated with three fine garlands of flowers.
Finally, the low cross-bar is fretworked and decorated in the centre with a pretty Louis XVI bow accompanied by flowers.
The original feet are sculpted from a Louis XV scroll;Handmade furniture, pegged (removable and easily mountable
part number 5069

Category : Wardrobes
Style : Louis XV
Period : 19th century

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