La Crédence Antiquités
La Crédence Antiquités

The Flight into Egypt 16th - early 17th century Oil on canvas

The Flight into Egypt 16th - early 17th century
Oil on canvas
Scene of the New Testament, (Gospel of Saint Matthew)
recurrent in art history.
This passage knows a keen interest since the Renaissance in the pictorial representation of the Christian West.
Expressive, lively and slightly stylized faces.
Very old canvas, this one was re-interlaced with an old period, probably in XVII or XVIIIeme century
(see photos of the slice leaving the two old paintings appear)
Some splinters of the pictorial epidermis ( or photos)
An old repair had been made to consolidate the canvas from the back, probably from the early 20th century.
(can not be removed by the restorer as this may damage the canvas).
Reinforcement that has no influence on the pictorial layer.
The canvas has been completely cleaned and restored by a professional.
Carefully delivered with assurance all over the world
Width: 84 cm
Height: 62.5 cm

Width : 84 cm
Height : 62.5 cm

Category : Oeuvres d'art
Style : Haute Epoque
Period : 16th century and before

Price : 2200
Verzenden : 45 € voor Frankrijk, vraag een offerte aan voor een ander land

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